Creepy webs in trees, chewed up leaves or dying Spartanburg tree branches are surely not what you pictured in your charming fall landscape.

If you see something odd on your tree, find out what the problem is now.

You’re ready. You asked yourself all the right questions about what Spartanburg tree is best for you. You ventured out and hand-selected the perfect Spartanburg tree and found just the right place to plant it.

Every autumn, we look forward to seeing Spartanburg tree leaves transform. But how do they know when it’s time to change?

Leaves can actually sense cool temperatures and less daylight, which causes them to change color and eventually drop–usually around October.

Sweet, sweet summertime! It’s the season filled with a nearly endless sequence of outdoor activities–from barbecues and backyard games to holiday celebrations and pool parties.

During each busy day or quiet night, our Spartanburg trees are always making their presence known.

All year, we dream of sinking our toes into lush, green grass. It’s nearly as relaxing and rejuvenating as the beach sand!

That’s why it irks us when our lively grass slowly loses its luster and browns.

When it comes to shaping our saplings, we know the drill: the dormant season is the best time for pruning.

Yet, there are about 2,500 Spartanburg trees that go against this golden rule–palm trees!

Among the countless benefits of Spartanburg trees is the perk that they add an annual boost to our property value.

So, we want to do everything we can to protect them.

This summer has been hot. That scorching heat coupled with a lack of rain has led to increased drought across the country.

With drought comes water restrictions. Now, we need to save and conserve water.

Noticed higher energy or water bills this summer?

You may have if you’ve been cranking the AC or watering your garden more to combat the extreme heat. And, you’re right to take action.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of palm trees?

The scene probably includes a light breeze, warm sand and turquoise water washing ashore. That is why we love the slice of paradise palm Spartanburg trees bring to our landscape.