Planting Spartanburg trees in spring or fall has long been a rule of thumb for landscapers.

But in the midst of summer, adding new Spartanburg trees may be on your mind.

Oak Spartanburg trees have long been an American favorite. They're one of the best shade trees out there, and many varieties grow fast!

As the golden sun peeks through the Spartanburg trees at your local park, you smile – inevitably.

It’s simple. Our local and national parks rejuvenate us, just like they’ve been doing for the last 100 years.

Rich, green leaves are a staple of summer. They’re crisp, bright and a pleasant addition to every landscape. Plus, we love their shady canopy on sunny days.

Balance is important in all aspects of your life. Surprisingly enough, this includes Spartanburg tree care!

Watering the right amount is essential to keeping your Spartanburg trees strong and healthy. Both watering too much or too little can be harmful.

Remember the old saying that lightning never strikes the same spot twice? If this were true, it would surely be a relief for our Spartanburg trees in the midst of summer storms.

Everyone is extra thirsty in the summer. You, your pets, and even your trees!

Yes, during long, hot summer days, your Spartanburg trees also need a nice, cool drink of water.

Lofty, stately Spartanburg trees lining your driveway or standing proudly in the yard add the perfect touch to your landscape.

Then one day, often after a nasty storm, your previously straight Spartanburg tree is leaning.

Sun-kissed lemons, glistening cherries and juicy pears hanging from your Spartanburg tree – just waiting to be picked.

Nothing is sweeter (or more satisfying) than harvesting homegrown fruit from your backyard.

Noticed brown leaves on your tree? Or perhaps your Spartanburg tree doesn’t seem to be growing much this year?

We’re here to help figure out what problem may be plaguing your tree.